maandag 9 november 2015

Inspirational Lego #43

Another week, another selection of fantastic eye candy found over the internet the past times.

But before I`ll start sharing the things I have been drooling over this week, I`ll have to let you know that next week it`ll be on tuesday, just like the haul report, that I`ll be showing my next selection.

This of course has to do with Brick Mania Antwerp, and talking about that event, the first build I`m sharing with you this week is this dwarf from Snow White, made by a fellow BeLUG member.

The second one is the build of a very mysterious grassfield circle that appeared in an undisclosed town...

Next up is this pretty cool microscale city that was shown at Brick World.

The circular spaceship is but one of the great things that can be seen in this spacehangar, containing a lot of details and a very bulky armoured suit.

Talking mobile suits, how about this Hotten Imperator Mark II...

This is pretty cool, an aquarium build including sunken pirate ship and brick build fishes.

Next up, we have this lovely model of a church, including flowery garden and all.

A big bad ass Sentinel is ready to make the life of your average mutant very, very miserable.

Another fantastic sculpture that recently featured on Lego shows is this banjo playing Kermit the Frog.

I know the chances of this LDD design ever making the Lego Ideas review commitee is zilch to none, but this tablesoccer table of Batman vs the Joker is just something I can imagine having on my livingroom table :-)

The final build this week is this `expanded` version of the Yellow Castle, made with more modern techniques and looking mighty impressive!

And that is the selection again for this week, see you all back after BMA with a wide array of another heap of great finds!

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