maandag 2 november 2015

Inspirational Lego #42

Another week, another selection of cool Lego builds I found on the internet!

And this week, most are from conventions report, which usually bring about some of the biggest builds out there together.

We start of the selection with this immense M-Tron base, located apparently on a desert world where the good old spaceminers are drilling for unknown substances.

This popconcert stage is the second build I present today, I really love the details that went in the backwall of the podium, and giving a good feel of the grandness of the build.

This concert probably gets streamed to the Moonrock Cafe...

A mighty awesome Lake-Town build, including the looming form of Smaug who is about to strike the poor villagers.

A real classic is next, the Guncannon mecha from the original Gundam series from the late 70s.

Architectural builds remain ever popular on conventions, and the realism in this one is just fantastic.

If Dimensions and The Lego Movie teach us AFOL`s an important lesson, it is to not stick rigidly within your theme, as this mix and match build shows perfectly.

Two days past Halloween, this monsters build is great, including the snapshotting Stormtrooper. He probably wouldn`t be able to shoot a monster anyways...

But sometimes, builds tend to get a bit more grisly, as something clearly went wrong here...

The final build in this weeks selection is the awesome three panel tree mosaic, using a lot of ingenious techniques and elements.

And that is it again, another grab from all that sheer awesomeness that can be found on the internet!  See you all next week again, with a fresh selection of builds.

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