dinsdag 10 november 2015

Project Merak: The Forest

Well, here is the first of the plates I managed to complete for my ambitious Project Merak plan.

As I said a few weeks ago, in this I want to create a full fantasy / castle lay out build around my character`s village of Merak, located in the Guilds of Historica Mitgardia.  The idea is as such to build plates incorporating excisting (classic) sets, MOC`s and scenery building, and even the odd custom piece or figure left or right.

Until all will stand united into a full lay out...

The first one incorporates as such two classic sets, the Forestmen Hide-Out and the old Wizard that lives in a treetrunk.  And then we add the CMF`s Unicorn and a Mouse Guard traveller by Crazy Bricks...

In the scenery department, I went for a mixture of the good old Lego trees, combined with full brick build ones to add variety and colour to the forest livery.

Unicorns are by the way magical creatures, leaving flowers in their path.

A lone pilgrim passes by the old wizard, unaware perhaps due to a spell of illusion of confundlement?

And such is the first of a series of plates that is completed, and I will be hauling it to BMA this weekend.  I already completed a second one alongside this plate, featuring my Beacon of Merak MOC, but that I`ll be uploading tomorrow.

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