dinsdag 24 november 2015

Lego Build: 75049 Snowspeeder

Perhaps my personal favorite spaceship in the whole Star Wars universe, the lonely Snow Speeder, which was een during the Battle of Hoth, has always caught my imagination.

Okay, so spaceship is perhaps a wrong term, it can`t actually go into space, but it CAN go on other surfaces then snow...

Opening the box, we get a decal sheet, the instructions and three bags of parts.

The first bag contains also the first minifigure, being good old Luke and his lightsaber, which he used in the movie to cut open the bellies of both Wampa and AT-AT with equal ease.

It also contains all the parts to make the secondary build of the set, a small Imperial lasercannon which will be manned by a Snowtrooper.

But then we move on to the actual vessel, which is based around a 4x12 white baseplate.  Upon this, we add the `core` lineout of the main bodywork.

In front of this, the wing connector pieces are attached as well as the point of the nose.

The rear of the vessel is build up as we divide the cockpit in the two sections for both the pilot and the gunner, who has an harpoon control.

The famous harpoon is then the next part we are installing onto the bodywork, as we put down small slopes which will function as `feet` to have the model standing up with it`s typically slightly sloping down wings.

The canopy which can flip open completely is then added to the topside.

The next bag gives us the Snowtrooper...

... as we begin working on the wing sections of the ship.  These are basically made up of a large grey wing plate, covered by all sorts of smaller plates and wings to give it the rather shabby look of most rebel equipment.

The endsections of these wings contain the engine exhausts, who are nestled between two ridges on those wings.

And also house the front blasters.

Missile shooters are attached to the bottom of the wings while the connectors are also installed.

The wing is then attached to the body, and we make another one in a mirror build for the other side.

This is in the third bag, which also contains poor Dak.

The build is nearly symmetrical, only some details of the plating and decals make a difference, but it is generally the same thing as the previous wing.

As both wings are connected, the vessel is now in a complete state.

And of course, we get some extra parts with the set.

And the full set completed.

Yes, I know I`m odd.  Most people love TIEs, X-Wing`s or the Falcon if asked for their favourite Star Wars universe vessels, while my `vote` goes to the Vulture Droid and the Snowspeeder...

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