zondag 22 november 2015

The Haul Report #4

Another week gone by, another moment to have a look at what has joined my collection :-)

And I must admit, it all started nice and quiet, nothing spectacular or so at all.

While I was at BMA last weekend, my mum bought the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, which gave Lego Star Wars polybags for a mere 2.95 euro with it.  This action runs for four weeks, and the first polybag we received past saturday was the TIE Fighter of the First Order.

It remained calm then during the week, with only a small envellope falling through the mailbox wednesday.  This Egyptian Warrior is another exchange through the Miniature Trading site, and a Pizza Delivery Boy is now on his way to Spain to a new owner.

But then the weekend approached, and the big bang happened. 

I went to see my buddy Vincent as he gave me a thumbs up that the second and final part of his collection was ready for pick up.  You know, I bought from him all those Pirates, Castle and Space sets a few months ago, whom I also used to trade with a merchant at BMA for some sets I wanted.  The second batch is mainly compromised of old 80s era City sets, but it also includes the Kings Castle and the Guarded Inn, two sets I`m keeping for myself for sure. 

It`s 50 sets in total, and now I`m checking them all one by one for completeness (there are a few boxes of left over pieces in it hehe), for a fair price which included the exchange of a Santa`s Workshop box and a PS3 Transformers Devastation game...

But that wasn`t all, as a small parcel was delivered to my door yesterday to round out the week, granting me another 18 Lake-Guard from The Hobbit.  No, these aren`t up for grabs, they will be used to fill out a full regiment of them!

So yes, it was a spectacular haul this week, with a LOT of bricks and a LOT of work to go through now, but that is part of the fun after all :-)

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