zondag 1 november 2015

The Haul Report #1

In a further effort (for myself) to streamline my little blogpage a bit further, I`m going to start a regular series every sunday (in general).

In this, The Haul Report, I`m going to show and brabble a bit about all the things I`ve gotten in the past week to add to my collection and / or exchange box of toys in the road to utter brick dominance (or until I have enough green and gray bricks to make a 1:1 replica of the Alps range).

The first thing I obtained this week was one of the promotional Christmas trains, as it came in the mail together with some sets I shopped for myself for Xmas.  Instead of my parents and the kid just giving me a voucher for a toy store, they allowed me this year to just order it, and then hand it in until it goes under the tree, allowing me not only to get a train but also get the double points.

Two days afterwards, I went to the local Lego store as the GF jumped on this bandwagon of grab your own gift, and together with the stuff shown here I came to another Christmas Train set in the collection.  No idea why I got the Stormtrooper Sergeant as I didn`t buy any Star Wars, but I never say no to a free figure.

In the meantime, my Padawan aka mother had visited a Kringloop store and brought along these two blokes for the exchange box.  No idea exactly what they are valued at, but it are both Mattel 2001 figures, so I`ll be doing some research in the nearby future on them.

The final haul is a small one, taking advantage of another round of `30 under 30` over at BrickForge, who now had steel Dwarven helmets and golden cavalry helmets in the section on offer, always handy to expand the variation in your troops selection.

So all in all, a good week.  Nothing uber spectacular in the hauls or any jackpots, but some decent trade material and some very nice additions to my own collection :-)

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