woensdag 25 november 2015

WiP: Building on a bit of everything

In today`s post I`m going to be taking a bit of a roundabout of a few projects I`m currently working on.

Like probably a lot of MOCcers out there, I`m usually busy doing a gazillion projects and ideas at once, and for me personally that`s building up some Harry Potter builds for Antwerp Convention coming in may, continuing work on my Mitgardian army and builds, and then some...

The first project I`ve been slowly completing, to that measure I only need to add five more Chima polar bears, is my Mitgardian army.  Through a trade with a fellow BeLUG member, the cavalry regiment made around the CMF series Hun Warrior is now completed.  I managed to obtain an icebear mount at BMA for my sigfig as well, but forgot to picture him for now.

The second thing I`ve been doing is the baseplate upon which the three sets from the early Harry Potter series are going to be build in.  I named it the Philosopher`s Stone, as it will detail the trials from the end of the first movie, and I`m going to be building up the surrounding area like a high tower of Hogwarts, in the Lego `tan and sand green` colour style.  The deadline for this one is StarCom in july, but I hope to have it done already by Antwerp Convention.

A third build, which has been progressing nicely so far, is the Expelliarmus! MOC I`m doing for Harry Potter.  I want to recreate the duel scene between Snape and Lockhart as they began the duelling club again in the second movie (I have a soft spot for Gilderoy) and this should be ready in time for Antwerp Convention without to much problems.

I have also been spending time on making the Jurassic World set display for the Diphlo, with the cage for the beast which will include a path for the `orbs` to pass through, and a raised area for the jeep that comes in the set.

Not a MOC an sich, but something I have been doing today, is restore a lived out, old laptop I got from my father in law for the parts.  The thing overheated, could barely connect decently to the net and whizzed and cracked from all sides.

I exchanged the network card and processor, and tampered a bit with the cooling in order to make him a not necessarily connected to the net viewing tool for PDF instructions and such.  It can go on the net, but it has severe graphic card issues (something I`m not shelving a lot of euros for to restore) and it`s battery lasts between half to an hour when not on cablepower, but this is enough to run LDD and Adobe smoothly and serve as a large screen to check various builds. 

This thing will actually come in handy when I`m finally starting my Gundam build for next year`s FACTS, as I`ll be looking over a LOT of online articles and pictures to see how to stabilize the connections the best and how to make the frame strong enough to build around.

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