woensdag 7 december 2016

The Mirror of Galadriel

A small vignette for my evergoing Middle Earth project, this little scene hails from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Having just escaped the dark of Moria, and the fall of Gandalf, the Fellowship arrived in Lothlorien, home to the Lady Galadriel.

While resting, Frodo is summoned to the elven queen and gets to see in the magical waters of the Mirror, showing him a possible future.

Also, I still think it a shame The Battle of The Shire didn`t make the theatrical version of the story ;-)

The build itself makes used of an inverted dish for the bowl and for the water, and I`m really happy with how the watersource is blended in with the tree.

For Frodo, I did a "shirt swap" with the Bilbo figure, as Frodo tends to wear a white shirt during the whole trilogy, except for the opening half hour where he has the (released version) green one.

Hope you like it!

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