woensdag 28 december 2016


Callboys is a flemish series, produced by Jan Eelen (of Het eiland fame) for television.

Numbering 7 episodes, it follows the in and out's of a group of male escorts, and while it got the 16+ label overhere for the moderate nudity, it`s a comical series with some whiffs of drama.

The four stereotypes are present: the dumb macho, the know-it-all, the goodhearted softie and the insecure manager that falls in love with the wrong woman.

When the callboys try to expand their marketvalue, to have dildo`s made of their "tools", but of course they order them in a way to huge amount, and as such are on the edge of financial bankrupcy due to the bill for their manufacturing.  Add to that some (absurd humour) website issues, a raging drone vendor (the best episode of the series), betrayal and a tragic accident, and your set for a nice evening of benchwatching.  The humour is great, especially when Jay and Devon are at each other again.

But really, don`t think of this series of a real life experience...

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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