donderdag 29 december 2016

The Goals of 2016

As the year is running to a close with only 2 days left, it's a good time to look back on the goals I wanted to reach in the Geeky hobby this year.

Now, over the big line, it has been a succes, but there have been failures as well, so bear with me.

The blog, which you are reading here, had a good year, and has been "expanded on" with a bit of activity on other social media.  For example, I added a YouTube account at last to attach the occasional moc and review video, as well as using the channel for the BeLUG video's of conventions.  And since about a month, a third blog has been started up, TolWars, which is a flemished languaged blog for "non-club" related group projects.

Which brings us to the first goal I wanted to reach: expose my builds at at least 5 conventions.  I went over this mark big time, as no less then 8 events had builds of mine (3 geeky cons, 4 Lego events and Mechelen Speelstad), while 2 planned ones where cancelled or it would have been even more.  So that resulted in a seriously long brick badge...

I also managed to get my Pirate town, Quinnsville, ready for it's phase one at BM Wetteren, and her phase two for BM Antwerp.  And I also managed to build a 6th Rate ship-of-the-line frigate to go with it, with the historically "correct" number of guns et all.

Other builds I planned and completed where the two "Club Projects" lay-outs, namely the Time Traveller and the Lego: My Hobby.  More info on those particular builds can be found on the BeLUG clubblog, which I also manage when we started this up this year.  First as a member of the board, but I had to step down from that for private and timerestrained issues.  But that doesn`t mean I won`t be doing that little job for the club.

Other builds I wanted to do where for Geeky cons, including my Battlestar and some anime related mosaics.  All those things bar "My Hobby" will eventually (or are already) be taken apart again, but that is for the 2017 goals set post that will come tomorrow or saturday... However, a lot of "half year" ideas I wanted to build never materialised, and probably never will as I`ll truly be focussing.

This did mean I haven`t been building for Age of Mitgardia during 2016, something I definitly will try to pick up again... if I got the time...

Minifigures Online in the meantime has closed down in september, so I`ll never get all the achievements.  Never the less, I ended the game with about 75% of everything unlocked that could be unlocked.  In other news, I spend most of my PS3 time on Dimensions, so not that many Lego games have been platinummed besides that.  I`m currently clearing the new expansions levels and story packs for the trophies, before hunting down more gold bricks in 2017.

Other things I wanted to do was work on my backlog of books, movies and series.  And most of them went more then perfect.
Of the 10 books I wanted to read, I ended up this year with 21, which means I finished a book every 3 weeks on average, not bad for usually only reading on the bus.
Movie wise, I wanted to down the tally by at least 25, but with a few specials like the B-Movie marathon tossed in, I ended up with a number of 43.  Same with the series, I wanted to be able to watch a full 10 of them, and in the end I saw 27 complete series during the year.  Anime was a closer call, ending at 12 out of 10 I wanted to see...
Finally, there where the build reports.  I`m so far behind in writing them up, I have material until the second half of 2018 already.  I did 72 this year, out of the 50 I aimed for.  I`ll start with that same number for 2017, and a "planned" 1 a week ratio so I`ll have leverage again for some additional things coming in between.

All in all, that means quite a lot of goals actually got done, and I already have a headstart on 2017 as thanks to some unforseen free time, I completed one moc sooner then expected. But that is a story for another time...

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