maandag 26 december 2016

Inspirational Lego # 102 : Winter Special

It`s "that week" between the end of year holidays where everything seems like being lived on the one hand at 500mph, while relaxed on the outside.

You know, go there, prepare for party over there, and then have a nice time afterwards, typical holiday season stress.

And it wasn`t a white, nor even a 'mildly cold' Christmas here in Belgium, so I looked around for wintery and icy builds this week, to have some snow, albeit of the brick variety, around.

Starting off, there is this fantastic elfin boot, which opens up to a fully functional playhouse.

The Fortress of Solitude, Superman's hideout on the pole, is a great example of how icy effects can be achieved with transclear parts.

Watch out to jump on fronzen lakes, this can hurt a lot ;-)

The Wall from A Song of Ice and Fire is a massive structure to keep the wildlings out of the Seven Kingdoms, guarded by old fortresses like Castle Black.

This ice dragon has a great contrast between it`s white upperside and his light blueish belly.

This ice palace makes fantastic use of transclear to make the windows within the white frames of the walls.

I think my level of ice skating talents are about on par with Emmett here...

This Micro build of an AT-AT "Rudolph" is both well executed and highly amusing.

A Rolls Royce vehicle of the first World War, these where created to transport high ranking officers in snowy landscapes.

And we end this week with a hilariously funny, and worldwide true, situation when it DOES start to snow...

That's it for this week and this year, enjoy the end of the year and seen you again in 2017 for more inspirational builds found on the internet!

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