maandag 5 december 2016

Inspirational Lego # 99

Welcome to the last Inspirational in the double numbers, as next week I`ll be hitting number 100.

And to celebrate that milestone, the next one will be a special detailing a theme that inspires me personally, as it`ll be all about Middle Earth then.

But let`s start with this weeks selection of cool builds found on the internet, and with a world war 2 one for the first build.  The liberation of Venlo (the Netherlands) in 1944.

Next, we have the Arc de Triomphe, in the colours of the French flag.  The details in the columns are just amazing and make good use of various elements.

I loved MASK as a toy, and this build features Condor and Piranha, two motorcycles I owned as a kid in toyform.  Condor was even my very first MASK toy ever...

Another classic toy is this MB game, Connect Four.  I wasn`t to good in that though...

This desert camo mecha is smoothly lined and looks pretty awesome.

So, who else started this week on a toast and egg breakfast?

This lovely control room in the Futuron theme is nicely executed.

It`s bloody cold outside today, and I`m sure I saw those mammoths actually walking by this morning.

This Passing Sherwood build captures the story of Robin duelling Little John in the stream.

We end this week with something easy on the eye...

... or not, hehehhe

And that`s it again for this week, hope you saw somethings to your liking and until the next one!

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