donderdag 22 december 2016

Suicide Squad (extended)

Suicide Squad is to the DCU what Guardians of the Galaxy was to the MCU: the unexpected top challenger.

You see, like Guardians, this movie doesn`t take itself as serious as the rest in the cinematic universe.  And that makes it a highly enjoyable rollercoaster of adventure, action and fun.

Couple this with an awesome soundtrack going from Queen to Slim Shady, and add in fan favorite (yeah, I plea guilty as well) Harley Quinn and you know what to expect.

The movie is about a bunch of villains being forced by Amanda Waller (stellar performance here!) to act as a secret weapon should the "next Superman" turn out to be a terrorist.  And that is exactly what happens when Enchantress frees her brother and they both want to lay waste to humanity.
The Squad is formed and has to go in fighting to survive, while they will be killed by a bomb in their necks if they disobey.  Deadpool and Harley are clearly the "heroes" in this story, while the rest of the squad are supporting actors.  Thief, I mean, Asset Relocation Specialist, Captain Boomerang is the comical relief present.

The introduction of the characters is fantastic, including appearances by Joker, Batman, The Flash... and while the Joker does play a rather big part, he is actually nothing more then the "engine" for the harley storyline.  Including a fantastic hommage in this extended version to the famous Tango picture.

It was a great movie, and I had some really good laughs, even in this darker tone DCU then the MCU.  Now to wait for Harley's return in Sirens of Gotham ;-)

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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