zaterdag 31 december 2016

The goals for 2017

The last post of year on the last day of the year, is traditionally the goals I'm setting myself for the Geeky part of 2017.

And while the main focus will be lying on expanding my Middle Earth builds, there are some other things that snuck between in the list.

Of course, the blog will continue with some old and some new "fixed" series and for example I'm aiming again at writing up 50 Build reports minimum during the year.  For 2017, I`m going to try and keep this in the permanent wednesday slot, giving me some leverage for holidays, illnesses or I don`t know what's without screwing the schedule up to much.

On a same note as last year, I've set the same numbers to reduce backlogs: read 25 Books, watch 25 movies (with the first "special" coming in two weeks), and watch 10 series and 10 anime series each at least.  And somewhere in between I'd love to bump up those Dimensions Gold bricks, if I end with about 750 collected out of the current 1068, I`ll be a happy camper.

Lego build wise, I have a bit of a headstart, as Bucklebury Ferry has already been completed.
Now apart from that, I want to expand mainly on my Middle Earth project (which will now get monthly updates every beginning of the month).  For this year, I've planned a further 3 mocs, with the Dwarrowdelf, Shortcut to Mushrooms and Durin's Causeway builds.  Outside those, I'm also going to make one "display" for sets, with The Shire, based around the Unexpected Gathering set (aka Bag's End).
To top that all off, I'm also aiming at building a maxifig to "stand over" my builds, being a build of Frodo based on his cooking corner version.

Apart from all that Tolkien building, I have two projects in the pipeline.  On the one hand, a build from the American Civil War, based on the Irish Brigade and whom I'd love to complete by november. 

On the second hand, and wth a goal for july's Comic Con Ghent, is a scene from Attack of the Clones, and I have settled on Kamino.  And more precisely on the Jango vs Obi-Wan duel.  The reason for this is mainly because for once, that wouldn't eat up a lot of my green plates, being al "watery" for the bottom plate.

 Finally, but I'm not counting on getting that completed, there is the Harry Potter build I want to do around the Philosopher Stone sets, but I can already estimate that goal failing though unfortunatly... unless our LUG would be in the early receivers of their LUGBULK.

All this is of course to exhibit at various conventions, and while I aim at at least 5 for the coming year, I fear I might have to settle on 3, being so far Comic Con Brussels, Brick Mania Antwerp and my main "event goal" for 2017: Elftopia.  Cosplay outfit included!

Well, that's it for the geeky goals of 2017, and now we will just have to see where this boat will strand in the end!

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