zondag 4 december 2016

The Haul Report # 58

Well, it's been a rather good week in new aquirements, though I`m trying to cut back the coming weeks though.

Yeah, I know, I said that a lot already, but I really am going to need to focus on building a lot of moc's for 2017 and the Middle Earth project, so bar the Dimensions, I`m trying to keep aim.

The first big aquirement was this huge bag of loose elements, which could be seen in a small haul video earlier as well.  After splitting and sorting, 75% of the lot is usefull for my building, while the other 25 will be hopefully compensating the purchase price.

It even only had a minor stack of rubbish in it...

From Facebook, I acquired some additional Star Wars clone troopers, who are going into my exchange pile to get some more Tolkien figures in the future.

Talking Tolkien, Samwise, Merry and Pippin fell in the mailbox this week.  I also got some custom dark grey cloaks for them from a UK based BL store, and you can`t see or feel the difference.  Great find, as they cost about a third of an official cloak.

I went to fill a small pot of elements from the PAB wall as well this week, as it included the 1x1 round tiles in light grey, but it seems someone bought it all out, and they didn`t restock yet.  So in the end I only got about 120 of them, and filled the small pot with over 1000 black 1x1 round plates instead then.

Through eBay I also got this little lot for peanuts.

The final haul was the arrival of my second part of Black Friday amazon purchases, with 3 Nexo sets for trading.  At 9 euro a set, this was a nice bargain!

And that`s it for this week, see you all again in seven days for any new finds and additions :-)

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