zondag 25 december 2016

The Haul Report # 61

Merry christmas everybody this morning, and welcome to another round-up of the thingies I acquired the past week.

Now, the christmas haul will be featured next week, but the past week was "all about Tolkien" as I obtained some sealed sets and polybags for my beloved franchise in Lego.

First, I received this duo of polybags, with the videogame Elrond and another Lake Guard for my ever expanding legion of that most awesome minifigure.

The second catch of the week was a lot of two sealed boxes, being the Mirkwood one and the Beorn set from The Hobbit, together with the Legolas polybag.

While I have (multiple) copies already of all those sets and polybags, it`s another nice pile of additional figures and some good elements for building!

Hope you all enjoy your time with the family, and until next week for the first episode of the new year :-)

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