zaterdag 17 december 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6655 Auto and Tire Repair

Another small City (back then, still Town) build in today's build reports, with this small 84 parts set from 1984.

Now, I noticed just right before I,m posting this, I used the wrong wheels for the car, white instead of light grey ones, so I'll have to exchange them one of these days... oops.

The set comes with a single mechanic minifigure, wearing a blue and white uniform and blue cap.

The first thing we put together is a small machine to check tires, consisting of a computer panel on top of a wheelbase and brick.

The car itself is based on the old chassis element, a red one in this case, with black plates to bulk the underside out a little.

The hinge piece at the front of for opening the engine compartment, as the steering wheel is added as are the hubcaps (and as such, the wrong coloured wheels).

As the lights are installed back and front, we also place the windscreens elements on the bodywork.

Adding the roof, the car and as such the little set stands completed:

It`s not the hardest of builds around, but it does add some nice little "life"to a City lay out in my opinion.  Added benefits of these old sets is that they can often be found cheaply on Brick Link and the likes, so for a few euro you can grab one and incorporate it in your personal Lego city.

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