vrijdag 23 december 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6673 Solo Trainer

Today, we have a 1990 set from the Town (City) range, the small solo trainer aircraft.

This little set, coming in at 70 pieces and a minifigure of the pilot, was part of the airport subtheme, and apart from the plane features a small tanking installation as well.

The pilot is a regular figure with a red cap, no fancy printing or the likes.

The first thing we build is the simple tanking installation.  While it does not label it as such, the colours clearly show the Shell influence.

We begin the plane on a 2x6 white plate, to which a 1x4 is crossed.

This will be the part where the hindwheels are placed.

The underside of the plane is made up of inverted slopes, connected with red plates.

We then move to the backside of the plane, with a blue inverted slope being used for support of the tailpiece.

This is all connected to the bodywork, as windows are placed on the sides, and the steering intruments inserted.

We then start closing off the cockpit section with a blue slope and the windshield.

We flip the build over now, and attach the wheels to the body.

Next, the wings are constructed on a hinged plate.  That way they can flip forward and allow you to place the pilot inside.

Now only the tailfin and the propellors need to be added to the plane.

And the full set stands completed

This is a decent set, even for it's age.  Call me old fashioned, but I liked my builds better when the hulls of the planes weren't large pre-moulded elements!

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