woensdag 21 december 2016

Bucklebury Ferry

Well, I had some more progress on this MOC then I planned, resulting in the first planned moc for 2017 already in 2016 with a week to spare.

Bucklebury Ferry is an early scene in the The Fellowship of the Ring, when our four brave Hobbits have to flee for one of the Black Riders as they set out from The Shire on the road to Bree, where Frodo is expected to meet Gandalf.

In the movies, this results in them arriving immediatly in Bree, but in the books this starts of an adventure that had almost finished the whole tale.  The Hobbits enter the Old Forest, where they are captured by the vicious tree Old Man Willow, and are subsequently freed by Tom Bombadil and taken to his house (two builds I got on my "planned list" in the future).  They set out again and get captured in the Barrow Downs (something I already build, check my Middle Earth tab on my blog) once more for merry old Tom to intervene and then travelling on to Bree at last.

Yes, the movie had several big things cut from it ;-)

I build the plate with the water technique I've been using for years now, using dark, light and clear transparent pieces for giving depth to the water.

The Frodo was the one from the Shelob set, as his white pupils are great to represent the terror on his face as he needs to jump to the small ferry taking off to escape the Black Rider, who has to reign in his horse to prevent crashing in the water.

For the stones in the house's side, I used some really used parts I had lying around.  The bite marks in those little pieces made excellent weathered bricks for the wall.

The `attached hands` technique was used for the roof, while a small round door was added for the Hobbit house that stood next to the ferry.

I hope you like this build, and so slowly and steadily my Middle Earth project gets further under way.

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