maandag 12 december 2016

Inspirational Lego # 100 The Tolkien Special

The big one!  It has been 100 weeks now that I have been scouring the internet for nice looking MOC's and share them with the world, in a hope to inspire us all to build, build and build.

And of course, to "celebrate" this milestone, I decided to do a special for this week.  

All 10 builds this time are things that inspire me a lot, as I tend to build within Middle Earth myself.  After all, I came out of my dark ages due to the release of the first wave of Lord of the Rings sets, my first set I bought was the Gandalf Arrives set years ago.  It was also that what caused me to join my lug, BeLUG, and all the rest as they say, is history.

The first build as such we have this week is Radagast's house, Rhosgobel, located within the forest realm of Mirkwood.  I truly adore this build, with it's curved form and corners.

One set Lego didn't make unfortunatly, apart from a "Gondor" wave for the Return of the King movie, was a Balrog.  How cool would an official set for this had been...

One of the funniest moments in both The Hobbit movie trilogy and the book, was the excape in winebarrels by Thorin's Company from Thranduil's cells.  The water effect from this build is just superb!

Next we have the Dwarven lord Dain Ironfoot, riding his battle hog.

This build details the difficulties of the Company finding the entrance into Erebor, as the keyhole would only become visible under the last moon.

Talking the opening of Dwarven doors, this seems to be a running problem in Middle Earth, as the entrance to Moria was a big issue for the Fellowship as well.  Those Dwarves did surely know how to hide their entrances!

While Theoden was under the influence of Saruman, it befell to Gandalf, who became what Saruman would had to become, to break the spell over the noble Horse Lord in the Golden Hall of Edoras.

Looking for reinforcements, Aragorn entered the Paths of the Dead to enlist the army of the Dead in the battle against Mordor.

Next we have this cool layout combining various Tolkien sets, as was displayed on a convention in Brasil.

This micro scale Rivendell build captures the elegance and the waterfalls excellently.

And that is the selection for this week once again, I hope that you have been enjoying this series so far, and onwards to the next 100!

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