vrijdag 2 december 2016

Piraten - Michael Crichton

Called Pirate Latitudes in english, this is the posthumously published book for author Michael Crichton (Jurassic World, 13th Warrior,...).

The manuscript was discovered by his assistant when they where cleaning his office, and the book was good to be published, which was duly done then.

It details the adventures of the fictious captain Charles Hunter, a buccaneer for the english in the Carribean of the 17th century.  He has formed a plan to steal a silvergaleon from the heavily defended fortress harbor of Manteceros, together with his band of companions. 
The plan involves a daring climb of the mountain bordering the fort, and the "invention" of grenades to cause mayhem.  While it all falls into place, the plan isn`t without risks and detours, including the betrayal by one of his closest allies.

I wasn`t to wild of the book to be honest.  While it does keep in touch really well with the historical setting, the book is trying to do to much in the 300 pages.  His nemesis for example had been killed around halfway, so why did they try to introduce him as a real danger. 
The same goes that we have sea battles , a capture, the actual heist of the ship, a hurricane, an attack by cannibalistic tribesmen, a daring prison escape,  a vengeance action AND even a Kraken attack all in one paperback.  To much is just to much, and this goes at the price of his "trusted companions" who are glorified extras at best.  The book suffers from a "Hunter saves all" syndrome just to much.
No, I definitly have read better Pirate setting books for sure.

Rating: 4 / 10

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