vrijdag 16 december 2016

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (extended)

This movie was supposed to be DC's answer to the Avengers, and the launch of the DC Cinematic Universe to oppose all the Marvel blockbusters.

Now, critics said it didn't deliver, being to dark and not just enough action.

The story is basically that an older, bittered Batman (I actually liked Affleck in the role) witnessed the destruction Superman caused during his battle with General Zod, and wants to stop him.  The governement wants to put a leash on the Man of Steel, together with Lex Luthor.  He develops a Kryptonite weapon for this, but is reeled in by the government, resulting in him orchestrating all the animosity that leads to the titular fight. 
In the meantime, he experiments on the corpse of Zod, resulting in the creation of Doomsday (yeah, the beast from Dead of Superman) who lays waste to Metropolis and Gotham, only to be stopped by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, with Supes bringing the ultimate sacrifice.

I didn`t think the movie was that bad actually, but I do agree with the "dark" part.  The more colourfull Marvel (which I think was in the comics as well over the ages) universe is just visually more pleasing on the eye then the largely nighttime and rainy scenes from this film.  On the other hand, I actually enjoyed the first hour of the film, before the big battle scenes, more then the actual "action" part.
The way the distrust is set up between Superman and Batman, and the way they came to the point they see the other as a danger to mankind, is very well worked out in such a way that the reason they actually fight each other feels to rushed.

Never the less, it wasn't as bad as the critics made it, but it is still way off from the first Avengers movie.  But on the plus side, Jeremy Irons is epic as Alfred, and the Wonder Woman theme song was a winner!

Rating: 6 / 10

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