zaterdag 3 december 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6604 Formula 1 Racer

With the shocking news that the world champion quits the sport yesterday, it is only fitting to build a small Formula One car today in the build report.

Set 6604 dates from 1985 and counts less then 30 pieces, but it does carry the number 1 at the front, so in a way it was fitting.

The driver is a simple minifigure sporting the old style helmet without the reinforced chinstrap.

Based on the old "levelled" car base, the steering wheel is added at the front while the black cones will serve as basis for the rear wing.

The printed number 1 slope is added at the front of the car, while slopes are added as sidepods and a wedge piece becomes the backwing.

Engine exhausts are placed under this rear wing, while the wheels go underneath completing the vehicle.

And the full set completed:

While this isn`t something super spectacular, this is a build I played a lot with as a child, as F1 has always been a sport this "tifosi" has been wild about.  And back then, you didn`t have the Ferrari sets yet after all ;-)

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