maandag 19 december 2016

Inspirational Lego # 101

Here we are again for the weekly dose of gorgeous LEGO builds, and it`s a wide selection once again to hopefully accomodate for all tastes.

Starting off this week is the incredible Toltobury Warf.  A truly magnificent piece of work, full with all sorts of small details and scenes.

Now that we have BA and his van in Dimensions, it`s time to have a look at a larger version of the iconic vehicle.

This castle`s unfortunate inhabitants are besieged by dragons off all sorts.

This guardtower has some excellent snowy terrain to accomodate it`s great wall detailing.

While we can`t feel it outside yet, remember that Winter is coming.

Adding the cuteness and colourfull scheme of Friends to a post-apocalyptic setting, and you get this Mad max like vehicle.

The Mercy Brandy is a big transport plane, including a lander at the back.

These pirates are with a lot of hands to explore this small piece of land...

Chirrut was cool in the Rogue One movie, and this is a great rendition of his "kung fu fight" in the streets.

A realistic rendition of a Saab Draken is the next build for this week, and a nice closure for the series today.

There you go, I hope you all enjoyed it once again, and tune in next week for a "winter special" edition!

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