zaterdag 24 december 2016

Build Report: NanoBlocks NBC-41 Santa Claus

A Merry Christmas to all of you that follow my little corner of the internet, and welcome to the christmas spirited build report today.

Now, for this year, I went for something completely different, in that I build the nanoblocks tiny santa claus set.

When I was with BeLUG in Billund this year, we did a Dirty Brickster, and one of the gifts had this one added as a joke part.  And it worked on me like a red flag on an enraged bull, I just HAD to have that particular gift, and ended up with it.

Now, Nanoblocks are about 1/3th as big as a Lego element, and has far less variations in their brick selection, in a way making the result look like a "classic" Lego build, all bricky and cornery.

Opening the polybag package, we get three bags of elements, the instruction leaflet and the white baseplate for the build.

We start by laying down the base of the feet, to get an idea where on the plate we are going to be building.

These are then build up to form the smaller underlegs, and more puffed out toplegs of the model.

Next, using white elements, we build santa's bag of goods, which is attached to the back of the model.

A layer of black and gold pieces is then placed, to represent his belt and beltbuckle.

While we create the tip of his beard, red elements go to the sides to become the base of his arms.

And it is a LOT of beard that Santa has, topped off with black and gold to recreate the eyes and the nose of the model.

Next, we add the cap to his head.

The only thing left to do now is build up his other arm, and a parcel he is holding.

And the full model stands completed, all 7 cms height of it:

We also get a heap of additional parts with this little set:

It`s a fun little build for christmas, and one like Lego's last year mini train that will go in a box as annual decorations.

And now, it's time to spend some time with the family :-)

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