zondag 18 december 2016

The Haul Report # 60

Here we are again with a week of nice hauls for my collection, and it isn`t all Lego only this time.

Because I finally found a DVD edition of the Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings animation movie from 1978, something that was my "way in" to Tolkien when I saw this back in 1986 on "auntie Beeb".

I had it on VHS, but the player has long gone to a better place where overaged electronics go, and now I can "induct" the rest of the household in this true classic work.

I also did a little trip to the LEGO store, to get some cobblestones for my Shire WiP build (and Bree afterwards mostly), and over the coming weeks I`ll probably be swinging by over there for some more pots of the little round tiles, you never can have enough of those after all.

It also allowed me to pick up my two Store calendars for 2017.

I also picked up the Fanastic Beasts and the ET fun packs for Dimensions, and that way I got the Gingerbread Man promotional as well.

Another polybag I got through an exchange this week is another Rebel A-Wing pilot, whom will be a handy little figure for future exchanges.

The final loot was this nice gift from a Facebook buddy of mine, Ricardo.  He send me some pieces I am after to build a Mumakil in the future for christmas, thanks matey, greatly appreciated!

And that`s it once again for this week, now I just hope I`ll get a lot of stomach tablets the coming week, as the time of debauchery and eating far to much is upon us!

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