dinsdag 20 december 2016

Build Report: 71258 E.T. The Extra-terrestial

In today`s build report, I`m tackling one I just purchased last week, but *inserted* into my planning schedule for the blog.

The reason?  because this is such an iconic figure, and it looks fan-tas-tic in it's LEGO incarnation.

Opening the Fun pack, we get two bags of parts and the instruction booklet.  Now these do NOT detail the attribute builds, you have to unlock those in the game (or download them from the LEGO site).

ET is a superb figure, and I love his base of the epic "bicycle in front of the moon" scene print.

Now, for his attributes I didn`t go in the alternate builds territory, but made that one thing we all remember from the film... phone home!

This build starts with 2 plates of 2x3.

The dialboard is as with all the Dimensions (non-portal) sets printed and not stickered, which i think is superb.

The plates are connected that way (yes, I saw I need to turn the dialboard 90 degrees, solved in future pictures).

Hollow grey studs and gold "pin stud" elements are added at the side to accomodate the horn.

Underneath, clips are placed and then secured with grey plates.  This construction allows for the telephone cord (yes children, in my days, a phone went as far as the cable was long to walk around with) and for angling the whole telephone on the base.

That base is a round grey plate on top of the transorange toytag.

Using a silver dish connected to the base, we can add the clip where the phone will fit onto.

The set had a lot of additional parts, some for use in other builds of the set, some just extra.

And the full set completed:

I just LOVE this little Fun pack for Dimensions.  It`s a true "character" from my youth, and one very influential on movie making eversince.  Even if you are not into the game, grab this little set for ET alone!

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