woensdag 14 december 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6603 Shovel Truck

Today in rebuilding old used sets for the fun of it (and then parting them out again between my "useable for mocs someday" and my "dump on BrickLink" piles) comes this small Shovel Truck from 1985.

Numbering a modest 23 parts and a minifigure, this is still a nice little looker in Lego cities, as construction remains one of the most popular subtheme's within the City line.

The minifigure comes with a blue overal with markings printed on it, and a red construction helmet.

The core of the vehicle is a 2x6 yellow plate, to which a chair and steering wheel are added.

The front is made up with the 1x2 brick with openings, as the shovel will be connected there, and the headlights are installed at the front.

Adding the wheels underneath and putting the shovel in place, the small vehicle is as good as ready.

And the full set completed:

Like I said at the begining, this small vehicle is still a nice looker for your cities (okay, perhaps exchange the figure for a modern day orange overal one?) and it can be snatched of BrickLink or other second hand sites for only a few euros.

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