dinsdag 7 februari 2017

Batman: Assault on Arkham

Let's face it, this is the movie Suicide Squad should have been.

It's no secret that the DC animated movies are actually far better then their movie exploits have been so far, and if you compare Suicide Squad to Assault on Arkham, this is just reinforced further.

Task Force X, or the Suicide Squad, is recruited to retrieve a drive hidden in Riddler's cane, while Waller also gives one of the members, Killer Frost, the secret mission to actualy kill Edward Nygma.
The rest of the squad, consisting of Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn and first time recruitees King Shark, Black Spider, Killer Frost and KGBeast, are not aware of this.
The exploding head device is featured in this movie as well, and to far greater use then in the cinematic outing.  Which is also the reason she wants The Riddler dead, because he knows how to disable the device. 

While the squad goes into action, the Joker escapes from his cell, but Batman, sensing trouble is also present in the high level prison.  Now, make no mistake, Batman is playing a supporting role in this movie, though he does a good job of being an ever present threat to the mission of the squad, but he is there to find and disarm a nuclear bomb hidden by The Joker.

The movie is a rollercoaster for the Squad members, and the depictions of Deadshot (yup, he misses shots) and Harley are far better then they where in the Suicide Squad movie.  The layer of intrigue with the secret mission and the way Waller plays the villains is far more intense, not to mention that even though Boomerang plays a supporting role here as well, he isn`t the drunk comical relief baffoon this time round.

A fantastic animated movie, I really enjoyed this movie a lot!

Rating: 8 / 10

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