donderdag 2 februari 2017

The Valley of Horses - Jean M. Auel

The second instalment of the Earth's Children series, we get to meet "The Others", aka ourselves.

As Ayla is exiled from the Clan after part 1, she starts a small clan herself... until Jondalar comes along.

The book follows the life of two different characters, until they meet in about the final 100 pages of the book.
On the one hand, there is Ayla, who living in exile raises both a mare and a cave lion as her companions, forming a hunting pack to survive.  This leads her to discover many new things, like making fire by smashing two pieces of flint together, or becoming the first human to ride a horse.

On the other hand there is Jondalar, a young man who is on a Journey with his brother Thonolan.  After staying with people for a while, it is faith that delivers him to Ayla, the first woman he truly falls in love with.

Like with the first book, this is a great read.  The rather unique setting of the story makes it differ from a lot of fiction out there, and it calls back in a way to our own inner "caveman".  This is a recommended piece of reading for everyone!

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