zondag 19 februari 2017

Dimensions Marathon 1: day 0

Well, it`s time to do the first of at least three planned marathons during "Year 2" for LEGO Dimensions, and get my gold brick count up big time.

For the coming five days, being monday (well, and the hour still remaining of sunday) until friday, I`m going to spend my free moments playing this lovely game.

The first thing I`m going to do of course is playing my most recent additions, being the A-Team world and the Adventure Time level pack, but I am setting other goals as well.

First of all, I`m currently at 414 gold bricks, and I would love to boost those to 600 at the minimum.  The main way to do this will be by hopefully cleaning up a lot of the year 1 worlds, combined with some of the new ones I already can open.

But more importantly, I finally want to 100% those remaining Year 1 levels I still need to do, being Portal 2, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who and Midway Arcade, as I still need to free people and collect minikits in those.  The Year 2 levels like the Ghostbusters 2016 pack will be for a second marathon in the future probably.

Anyways, starting tomorrow, I`ll be uploading short posts daily for 5 episodes with the progress I (hopefully) made.

And now, time to fire up the PS3...

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