woensdag 15 februari 2017

Build Report: 30521 The Mini Batmobile

Today's build report comes at the heels of the new LEGO Batman movie, and is one of the many polybags tying in with the franchise.

I received this poly from a fellow BeLUG member at the movie theatre past sunday, so it isn`t more than fitting that it gets featured in the build report today.

It`s also the first report with pictures and this small video made with the new cellphone...

Now, at 68 parts, that ain`t even half bad for a franchise poly, and opening the bag we also get a the instruction leaflet.

The car is based on a wheel axle... but it's placed lengthwise for this build.

Technic pieces go in at the ends, as the chassis of the car is being build up.

Red brackets are added at the sides, and they will provide a small streak of red in a car of builder that only builds in black... and sometimes very, very dark grey.

At the back of the body, transyellow elements form the canopy of the model, as jumpers make up the top of the engine hood to streamline the bodywork.

The front of the car makes great use of a batarang, as 1x3 black plates are snotted to give it a sleek look.

Now this part, I like.  The Nexo Knights shield in all black, that's something that will be a much looked for element for moc'cers.

The small back wings of the car are mirrorred builds, and attached to the sides of the canopy.

At the back, a rocket powered engine exhaust is attached.

The wheels are then made to give the impression of being springloaded, though they don`t actually move on the model.

As they are attached, the Batmobile stands ready.

We get a few additional parts as well with this set.

This is a nice little rendition of the newest Batmobile incarnation, including an extra batarang. 

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