woensdag 15 februari 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie

Past sunday, I plunked myself down together with some fellow BeLUG members at the UGC movie complex in Antwerp... for a movie of pain and leathers.

No, not 50 Shades... it was time for the new LEGO movie, and this time the Dark Knight took the lead.

When Joker assaults Gotham with a full arsenal of C and even D list criminals (Polka Dot Man, Condiment King...), the bat interferes and defeats Joker once again.  This also makes Joker realise he isn`t Batman's greatest enemy, while Batman himself finds himself very lonely in his time not fighting crime.

The Joker as such devices a plan to free the monsters of the Phantom Zone (Sauron, Voldemort, King Kong,...) and destroy Gotham in order to get Batman's attention.  In the meantime, Batman has (accidentally) adopted the orphan Dick Grayson, who becomes Robin, and has to learn to work together with commissioner Barbara Gordon, Robin and an awesome Alfred in a batsuit!  As he accepts he must do this, he also learns he cannot "be" without the Joker...

It was a FANTASTIC movie, being one big reel of jokes right from the very first black screen (because all movies start with a black screen... and eery music... and logo's, lots of logo's) until the disco party at the end credits.  I had a blast of a time, and some serious laughs, so it`s a truly recommended movie for everyone!

Rating: 8 / 10

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  1. Sue and went to see it on Monday - It was a bit like being pummelled with one-liners for two hours non-stop. IN A GOOD WAY.

    Thoroughly recommended 10 out of 10 and loads of laugh out loud moments.