maandag 6 februari 2017

Inspirational Lego # 108: Batman special

With the LEGO Batman movie upon us this week, what better then to run a special of awesome Batman related builds to liven up your mondays!

And let`s start with a build that might have more truth to it then our AFOL minds would want to admit at times...

Next, we have the Batrod, for when Batsy wants to go somewhere fast, and in style.

The Batwing stands ready in the cave to take off at a moments notice.

A Batcave that has been build here in the cute Chibi style

A fantastic bust of Joker, I like the use of sausages and crowbars to represent the lips

This is one huge Killer Croc, and it seems our hero has his hands full if he wants to turn him in...

Everybody's favorite psychedellic psychiatrist comes to twon in her own huge car.

A gorgeous little vignette for Poison Ivy...

Minifigure scale vehicles from The Dark Knight, including an excellent Tumbler.

And the final build is for when times really get though, as Batman can then call upon his Batmech!

That`s it for this week, enjoy the movie if you're going and see you back next week with more awesome builds found on the net!

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