woensdag 8 februari 2017

Build Report: 70206 CHI Laval

One of the more forgotten and short lived ranges of constructables by LEGO, there was a line of large Chima figures.

And in today's build report we are putting one of them together, the Laval figure which actually has some very nice elements.

Opening the bag, we get three bags of parts, a body framework piece and the instruction booklet... as well as the shield disc.

Of course, the whole build is connected to the central frame element.  Some Technic pins are inserted to be able to attach the later sections to it.

The main backbody armour is then attached to this frame.

Next, we begin working on the legs of the figure, which are made up of Bionicle joints on some lovely golden clawed feet, and then attached to the frame of the body.

Trans orange and printed dark red elements are then used to bulk out the bodywork.

Next we make the upper arms, with golden shoulder pads to hide the connections, and then attached to the central frame as well.

Trans ornage clawed hands are then put together in another mirror build, and attached to the armpieces.  The brown tube in the claw will serve to attach the weapon in.

The one piece head is then attached to the neck joint as the golden front body armour is connected to the body.

Now this element I really love, the Phoenix shield print on the dish is just bloody fantastic and will definitly be recuperated in a build!

The weapon consists of two twin blades attached by brown tubes and technic pins to hold together, and can be connected to the clawed had by middle of this.

Now all we have to do is to insert the CHI energy orb in the chest cavity.

And the full model stands completed:

The amount of extra pieces is rather limited in this set:

While it lacks the cuteness of regular Chima models, and that was probably what caused the range to fail, this is still a rather nice looking constructable.  I was glad to get quite a few at real dump prices (I payed like 2.5 euro a set, and bought 8 of them about 3 years ago) as it has the dish, and some really lovely joint pieces and golden armour elements.

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