vrijdag 24 februari 2017

Dimensions marathon 1: The Final Day

The long night, as I had to pull out all the stops (well, in a manner of speaking) to obtain at least 115 more gold bricks to reach my target.

I went about this by first trying to clear up some game world hubs that had a few left to be at 100%.

As a result, the first Dimension to be completed was the Legends of Chima world, where I needed half a dozen remaining bricks.

Next, I cursed on the Scooby Doo level, as I really suck at the races in the game, and I had three bricks left, two of them being well, races.

The third Dimension I cleared was back to the Future, where I spend a good hour searching for the last brick, time hopping along the way... only to find out I forgot the one that needed you to blow up 5 watertowers in the 1885 version of the world.

After that, it was mostly about getting as much `easy` bricks from Dimensions that needed more then 10 bricks still to complete, still avoiding the dreaded Midway and portal 2 worlds.  So I went through ET, Doctor Who, both Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts, as well as Harry Potter where the only missing brick now requires Mission: Impossible.  As I don`t have that level pack yet, it`ll be for a later time (the hire a hero and dress up game don`t work well together, you time out before completing the puzzle).

But in the end, I obtained... 117 Golden bricks, putting my total now to 602 in the game, that is far over half of the ones that can be collected.  But it was a short rest that left me afterwards.

I`ll be doing another, smaller target marathon, somewhere near the end of april, to play around with some new packs I`ll have by then, like this one:

And then a big marathon around september as most of the wave 2 sets should be out then and I can make a push to the high numbers of gold bricks.  But in the meantime, I`ll be playing on and off for sure, it remains such a great game.

Game on!

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