donderdag 23 februari 2017

Dimensions Marathon 1: day 4

Ah, this has been a good night for sure.

Now that all the regular levels are complete, I could grind away in the pen-ultimate evening from this first marathon.

And the results showed, as I cleared out the remainder of Middle Earth, putting that world to a close.

But not only that, in on and off jumping into other Dimensions, I added a lovely 46 gold bricks to the total.  That means that tonight, I`m going for the big push to get at least 115 bricks to reach the goal of 600.

Now, in addition to the red brick from the A Team world, I also got the hidden Vorton Disco brick.  This unlocks as soon as you total 480 gold bricks (the amount, but not the exact bricks, of Year One), so that`s of the target list as well.

All in all, I`m now at an already decent 485 bricks, which is over a third of all the bricks in the game...

See you all tomorrow for the finale, and if I reached my projected 600 bricks!

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