zaterdag 4 februari 2017

Building Middle Earth episode 2

Hello all and welcome to the second instalment of my attempt to recreate Middle Earth in Lego.

Now, it has been a calm month, but I did manage to put some more work into one of the "set displays" I`m building, namely my The Shire display.

Based on a 48x48 baseplate, this display contains 3 sets, as well as 2 limited edition minifigures on it.  Of course, the centerpiece is An Unexpected Gathering or Bag's End, which is seen as one of the best licensed sets Lego released in the past years.
Also included is the very first set that brought me out of my Dark Ages a couple of years ago, with the Gandal Arrives cart, and it has the small Frodo's Cooking Corner on it.  Both the PlayStation game Goodmorning Bilbo, and the Bilbo in Blue Coat from the BlueRay limited edition are on the display as well.

The first part of the build I actually worked on this month is the small stream, where I am going to place a fishing hobbit.  The fish will be splashing out of the water as it will be hooked.

The cart is attached to the baseplate with the use of transclear 1x2 bricks, in order to secure it in place when moving the plate and preventing it from crashing to the ground.

The rest of this months progress consists of dressing the plate up, with trees and flowers to represent the rural feel of The Shire.

Now, work has been going steady, and it will soon be finished as I`m going to have to do some detailing work like hedges, but also inhabitants for the build.  I might have found a nice way to represent the shorter legs for a female hobbit to boot.  I hope to present the full finished build in the near future, as I need to make the video for it and such as well.

See you all again next month, with hopefully more work in progress imagery, as well as the "debut" of the Bucklebury Ferry build on a convention!

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