woensdag 22 februari 2017

Dimensions Marathon 1: day 3

It`s been a loooooong night, as I have been hunting around in levels until 4 this morning.

But I did manage to complete some "goals" I wanted to get in this 5 day streak of Dimensions: get every remaining minikit and captured person of all the season 1 levels.

The first I managed to do this with was that horrible Midway Arcade level.  I really suck at those old arcade games, so this was a tedious job to get them all completed.

Next, one of the greatest franchises in the game was on the menu (though like Midway, i`m not to fond of the hub world, I tend to get lost in there), Portal 2.

The Ghostbusters level was also completed front to back.

As was Doctor Who, including a trip to the UNIT base hidden in the level.

Now, all in all that means I didn`t get that many golden bricks as such, clocking off at only 8 for this session, BUT it does free up a lot of time for the future plays on the game, as well as opening up some more golden brick events in the hub worlds themselves.

So for now the tally is at 439 golden bricks, and two nights to go to
1. Complete as many season 1 hubworlds possible.
2. Get to at least 600 golden bricks.

Game on!

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