zondag 5 februari 2017

Of Kings and Prophets

After finishing Vikings season 4 and watching Medici earlier yesterday (yeah, I did a marathon while the GF was out), it was time for a third historical drama series in the form of Of Kings and Prophets.

Now, I was weary when I started wathcing, as the series was cancelled by ABC after only 2 of 9 episodes.

Based on the books of Samuel from the Bible, following the kings of Israel Saul and David.  It follows their struggle for freedom through both politics and war.

Now, I think the show got cancelled perhaps a bit prematurely, as it isn`t as bad as the ratings make it show.  Surely, like all the shows it takes a bit of a loop with historical accuracy, there is a lot of blood and fan service especially in the pilot, but it isn`t as bad as it is made to be.

I also learned yesterday that apparently in New Zealand, all 9 episodes where aired, but I can`t find them anywhere, so I don`t know if they are "actually out there"...

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