maandag 27 februari 2017

Inspirational Lego # 111

Another week and another great selection of builds found on the internet.

After a tiring weekend, it`s time to give the brain some calm and cool, and for that, I picked another 10 builds that might fire the creative mind.

First of all, we have this awesome Persian market, which was featured in Guild of Historca a while ago.  I love the use of the Star Wars planet pieces for the domes.

Next, we have a scene from the Disney ride Ratatouille.

Titus, a fellow BeLUG member, build this excellent carrack for Brethren of the Brick Seas.

This Soundwave build looks like it stepped right out of the G1 cartoon, ready to release his casette subordinates.

TR8-R is perhaps the most famous Stormtrooper in the whole Star Wars canon, as he faced off Finn wielding a lightsaber with his electro batton.

This rendition of the city of Dale looks lively, before Smaug came...

A great scene here, as this wizard summons and Earth Elemental to do his bidding.

The savannah looks just as real as the elephants wandering in the sunset.

Classic Space returns to this week's oversight, but this time, it's with a base in micro scale.

The final build this week is a small vignette from Harry Potter, as Hagrid`s forbidden pet, Norbert the Dragon, hatches from his egg.

And that's it again, another great selection of builds and until next week for more gorgeous builds!

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