zondag 5 februari 2017

Medici: Masters of Florence

The GF is out with friends, so it was the perfect night to "Netflix and Chill" and I went through all eight episodes of this Rai / Netflix series.

One of the recent flood of historical drama`s, this is a fantastic series for sure!

Following both the current day trials of Cosimo, who inherited the mighty Medici bank in 15th century Florence, and using 20 year back flashbacks to set the relations between the characters, the series is a political drama.
Cosimo grows to be a harsh banker, manipulating friends, family and even their biggest bak account, the Pope, like it was nothing.  Yet within this, he is actually torn by trying to find out who murdered his father in a mysterious poisoning incident.

The series was filmed in Italy, leading to some very awesome sights and beautiful architecture.  Cosimo, played by Richard Madden (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones) puts in a stunning performance, and the series isn`t all heavy on explicit sex scenes like other series (The Tudors, Versailles,...) set against historical backgrounds.

A true masterpiece series for sure!

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