woensdag 1 februari 2017

Build Report: 44024 Tunneler Beast vs Surge

Hero Factory, which also had it's own 3D cartoon, came to a close with the Invasion from Below range a few years ago.

It was a line of buildable action figures, like Bionicle or the recent Star Wars line, but the main characters where more of minifigure size, giving it also a certain feel like Exo-Force.

Opening the bag the models came in, we get a bag of parts and the instruction booklet.

The first thing we build is Surge, the Hero Factory character which comes with a lovely transparent tile to serve as his scanning device.

The tunnel beast is made up around a central bionicle body connector element.

To this, the legs are attached, all four made in the same manner.

The upper body is then connected to this frame.

We start building the large claws of the monster now, again using familiar Bionicle techniques.  both claws are identical builds.

These are then connected to the main body.

The carapace is a soft plastic piece in a black and trans green colourscheme.

The final part of the monster that needs constructing is the large head, with the red jaw being fully printed, this set contains not a single sticker.

Of course, some small parts where added as extras, as is common with Lego sets.

And the full set stands completed!

The Hero Factory line wasn`t the greatest of success, but it does hold some nice little models like this particular tunneler beast in my opinion.

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