maandag 20 februari 2017

Dimensions Marathon 1: day 1

And we are off in the hunt for 600 bricks and some other goals...

Now, as I said in the introductionary post yesterday, the first thing to do would be to use the new models I recently got, and so I did.

Unfortunatly, this also means I didn`t obtain to many things though... I played through the new Adventure Time level, which is colourfull and okay.  I played better levels in the game, but definitly also worse.

The result towards the goal as such is only a measly 3 golden bricks so far, and I unlocked the red brick from the Adventure Time hub.  As well as scoring the three bronze trophies for the trophy list of the game.

So the counter now stands at 417 golden bricks obtained.

See you all tomorrow for the next small update!

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