zaterdag 25 februari 2017

The Haul Report # 70

An evening earlier this week, as tomorrow I`ll be typing up the report of Comic Con Brussels, the first convention I`m doing this year.

The week started excellently, with my Batman movie Harley Quinn poster arriving... now in a format that I can frame in easily ;-)

It also included some light masonry bricks to go into a Lord of the Rings build.

The next thing to arrive where some more bricks for my brickbadge.

My mother found some bags of Lego in the local Kringwinkel, which after sorting only had a small percentage of rubbish and a big number of "regular" bricks, excellent find for sure.

A small Brick Link order came in with some minifigures and a torso.

While another order had some brown bricks for my maxifig build, as well as a Marion minifigure (I needed to get to the minimum buy).

The last thing I obtained was the Knight Rider pack for Dimensions, one of those epic franchises from my youth.

A great week if you ask me, and see you next week!

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