zondag 19 februari 2017

The Haul Report # 69

Hello all, and welcome to another week of stuffsies added to my collection.

But let's start this episode with a necessary haul... as my old faithfull warrior has met his limits.

You see, last week I switched mobile providers, and unfortunatly the current day generation of SIM cards proved to much for the 8 year old HTC (yes, I am carefull with my cellphones) as he just didn`t want to work decently with the new card.  Luckily, I had a current model still lying around "just in case" with a Huawei Y5II.  Also excuse my pictures the coming weeks, I still am getting the hang of it's camera and various settings...

The added benefit is that I can play Pokemon GO on it (at last), which helps far better in my knee exercises then a regular step counter.

Okay, that also meant I better prepare and got myself a power bank to go with it as well...

This week it was also Valentine, and the GF found me some lovely LEGO sets to build, with a DC Micro Fighters set and the gorgeous Sensei Wu dragon!

In between, I went to see the LEGO Batman movie with the BeLUG boys, and we got a lovely keychain from the movie to go with it.  I also received the The Mini Batmobile from a fellow LUGger as a gift at the movie (see the build report from past wednesday).

BrickLink wise, it was a calm week, as I only got a single minifigure for my Harley Quinn display.

Another great thing I received was my price I`d won at the Geeky Bricks 15000 subscribers raffle, it arrived safe and sound this week.

Now, the final thing I hauled where three novels by Bernard Cornwell.  I found them at the local Kringloop winkel at a mighty 50 cents a piece.

So it has been a very varied week for sure, and some great items added to my collection!

See you all again next week!

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