zondag 5 februari 2017

The Haul Report # 67

Hello everyone and welcome to another lovely week of stuff I managed to obtain for my various projects.

Starting off, it's a bit of a Harley-centric haul this week, as my "headliner" are these two gems:

The LEDlite keychain AND the clock of the new The LEGO Batman movie Harley Quinn.  Add to that that I managed to exchange some TLBM figures for the Nurse Harley to adorn my display (I also ended up with Glammrock Batman), and you can see why I`m having some insane smiles this week ;-)

The next two hauls are for my Comic Con Brussels, as I got through BrickLink tow small parcels, one for a Bib Fortuna minifigure and one for a Greedo figure.

The final haul is another BrickLink order, containing on the one hand some loose bits and pieces to restore some ancient sets to their former glory, as well as an Obi Wan figure to use in my Kamino moc I`m building for a group lay-out.  the candy was a bonus hehehe...

Well, that`s it again for this week, hope to see you all again next sunday!

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