zondag 12 februari 2017

The Haul Report # 68

Hello everyone and welcome to another batch of stuff I got together the past week.

Nothing really big or spectacular this week though, but nice stuff none the less.

The first thing I got was a small BrickLink order, containing a Biggs Darklighter figure for Comic Con Brussels, as well as some masonry bricks. I needed to reach the minimum buy, and that way I could do some small progress on my Causeway moc...

I also received the first of the two giveaway prices I won last weekend.  From Owen's Lego Lab, a small box arrived with the three minifigures I won.  Harley Quinn, Barbara Gordon and the Zodiac Master are now gracing the collection.

The last thing is totally none Lego related, I just needed some Kettlebells to do some training while watching my series lol...

Well, that's it again for this week, see you all next week for the following instalment!

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