vrijdag 2 maart 2018

Peter Minuit and the Rapiers

Okay, so that might sound like some 80s coverband if I look back at the title...

Actually, it`s the combination of two sorts of entries I have been focussing on this week, namely trying to include one Crisis wargame show entry figure every time, as well as expanding my 40k force...

Peter Minuit was a son of Walloon parents and went on to become the director of the Dutch North American colony of New Netherland between 1626 and 1631, and founded the Swedish colony of New Sweden on the Delaware Peninsula in 1636.

But perhaps the biggest achievement of this belgian born merchant was that he is credited with the pruchase of the Manhattan island from the Lenape Native Americans, for what legend tells the price of 24 USD worth of trinkets (actually, it was 60 guilders of goods, which still only amounts to around 1050 USD these days).

Like all but two of our entry figures we made, this model has once again been sculpted by Paul Hicks, and was handed out to attendees of the Crisis wargame show in 2012.

The second part of the entry is one of those "essential" units for my Emperor's Children force, in the form of 2 more Rapier guns for my artillery support.  The models themselves are from Kromlech (waaaay cheaper then Forge World) and come with a Heavy Bolter and with a Laser Destroyer set up.  The crew are regular Space Marines, as I mix and match pre heresy and post heresy colour schemes in my force, to add some purple islands in my ocean of pinkiness...

Now, apart from the band members of the above titled coverband, I painted up a few bits and bobs as well this week.

The first of these is a base of 28mm Shang Dynasty Chinese spearmen.  Again like the chariot from the beginning of the challenge, this is a Curtsey Miniatures set of figures.

Of course, no-one can ever have enough spears, so another unit of spear armed Warriors join my ranks of the Irish for gaming in the Dark Ages...

The final part of this weeks entry are the first Mutant Rabble troops for the Renegades detachment of Astra Militarum, a small side force that will be part of my Emperor's Children legion.


So this weeks tally would come to:
Peter Minuit 1 x 28mm = 5 points
4 crew men 4 x 28mm = 20 points
2 gun served weapons 2 x 28mm = 20 points
Shang Chinese spearmen 4 x 28mm = 20 points
Dark Age spearmen 8 x 28mm = 40 points
Mutant Rabble 4 x 28mm = 20 points

For a total of 125 points for this weeks heap of various stuff...

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