donderdag 22 maart 2018

Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle

A sequel to the good fun movie with the late Robin Williams, this film stars The Rock instead as the main character.

Building on the first movie instead of being a plain reboot, the movie actually beat Star Wars at the chinese box office last winter, so this might prove a pleasant suprise, even though Noshi and me sat down with low expectations.


Years after the first movie, the boardgame is found and brought to a house in Bradford.  However, the local kid doesn't have any intrest in boardgames, so overnight the game transforms itself into a videogame cartridge and when Alex tries it he is sucked in the game.
Going forward 20 years, Spencer, Bethany, Fridge and Martha find themselves in detention for various reasons.  They find the console and cartridge and decide to play a game, resulting them to be sucked in the game as well and taking on the appearance of their avatars.

They are tasked with saving Jumanji by retrieving a crystal and bringing it back to the jaguar statue, all while being limited to three lives in the game each.
Along the way, they find Alex to complete their party and they have to work together to overcome the hindrances, or levels, of the game world, while learning to cope with the feelings and prejudgeging they have about each other.

What I liked about it

* It's mindless entertainment with some great jokes in it, period.  Both Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black (him especially) really bring over the identity crisis of the youngsters in other bodies.
* Her

What I didn't like about it

* Not much actually, as I said, we went in with low expectations for just an easy to watch evening.

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